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Be among the first to receive our new whitepaper on the psychological impacts of business travel, 'Keeping Business Travellers Happy, Healthy & Engaged, at Home and Away'.  The paper includes a ground breaking study of how business travel impacts travelling executives, carried out by an independent team of Occupational Psychologists at Kingston Business School (part of Kingston University, UK) and Affinity Health at Work, commissioned by International SOS Foundation.  

Despite international business travel being seen as essential for global business and indeed advantageous in term of career progression for employees; there is evidence that international business travel can be deleterious to health.
The study not only uncovers the psychological implications of business travel but also starts to uncover the  organisational, social and individual factors that both support and hinder psychological health. 

Specifically this research aims to:
Enable stakeholders who have a duty of care to their travelling workforce to make evidence based adjustments and recommendations to their employees around business travel
Enable organisations to increase awareness in their employees about the psychological implications of business travel and therefore mitigate risks
Ultimately increase the safety, health, security and well-being of business travellers by understanding more about the psychological implications of business travel.

To accompany the findings, the whitepaper provides recommended actions for organisations and employers, managers and international business travellers (IBTs) themselves, as well as their support networks.  It also includes the following tools to support organisations and individuals when planning and partaking in business travel:
Planning and Coping Tool
Action Planning Tool
Guidance for Organisations
Guidance for Managers
Guidance for IBTs
Checklist Organisations
Checklist for Managers
Checklist for IBTs

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